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We are currently looking for helpers that would be able to assist our streams. There are a lot of people that join our streams on a daily basis and we have a short number of staff, therefore we can't get to everyone.

What are helpers? Helpers are people that dedicate time to help our fellow viewers with any of their problems or questions. Helpers assist the viewers in a calm, polite and professional manner. The helpers must also follow the rules provided on our website.

What are the perks to being a helper? The role of a helper is like the final step to becoming a moderator, so helpers have more chance of becoming a moderator than anyone else. You will also receive the role of "Support" on Discord and "Support" on the forums. If you work hard enough, you may also receive mini rewards as in free co-host lobbies.

If you would like the helper role just because you would like the perks, you are doing it for the wrong reasons. Our moderators and helpers care about the viewer's experience and care about assisting them. So if we feel you are doing it for the wrong reason, it may result in demotion.

We hope to receive applications from hard-working, warm hearted viewers that are interested in assisting others. On behalf of the whole staff team, we would like to thank you all for reading and taking the rules into consideration!

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